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Why should you list your home with Dave Sulvetta?


The #1Technology Driven Real Estate Company in the World!

Dave Sulvetta


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Cell: 856.889.8163


Year over year, Dave is in the top 3-5% of all realtors in our region.

So, you have a friend that's a REALTOR®? Maybe a family member? Whatever you do, choose an agent that is the right fit for you and your home. An agent that know's your area, market and buying habits. You should, interview 3 agents when selecting the right fit for your home. Personality, experience and local knowledge are of the utmost importance. Personally, If I was looking for a Realtor I would also make certain they were 100% full time. 

Ask questions, as many as you can! How do they market your home? Do they know the latest technology? Do they use extremely popular internet sites such as Facebook? Twitter? Don't be fooled. Just because an agent says they are on Facebook, does not mean they know how to effectively advertise your home. There is a lot that goes on behind the scene with Facebook. Trust me, it is a CONSTANT learning process. I can almost guarantee that I am technically above 99% of the REALTORS in our market. My background is that of an extremely technical one. I was I.T. at Lockheed Martin for 7 years prior to real estate.

Does the agent hire a photographer, do they integrate video with their marketing. FYI, homes with REAL video marketing skyrockets the chances of getting on the 1st page of Google. More views, more showings, more offers...

Lastly - If you didn't know, there IS a difference with agents. Not ALL agents are Realtors! Some are just sales agents. So what's the difference? A REALTOR® has a Code of Ethics they must follow which is strictly enforced. A sales agent does not. 

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