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🏡Gloucester Twp NJ Real Estate Report 📊

Week of 10/16/2023-10/22/2023

In this real estate report, we'll delve into the latest happenings in Gloucester Township, NJ, for the week of 10/16/2023-10/22/2023. 🏘️ We'll explore the number of homes on the market, pending sales, closed deals, and so much more. Whether you're a prospective homebuyer, seller, or just a curious local, this report will provide valuable insights into the real estate landscape. Let's jump right in!

The Current Real Estate Landscape 🌆

Active Listings

As of October 16, 2023, there are 90 active homes available for sale in Gloucester Township, NJ. This inventory offers a diverse selection for potential buyers, catering to various preferences and needs. 🏡

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Pending Sales

The real estate market is buzzing with 70 homes pending sales. This shows a strong demand for properties in the area, indicating a competitive market that can benefit sellers. 📈

Recent Closings

Over the past week, 12 homes successfully closed. This suggests a moderately healthy number of transactions, reflecting the dynamic nature of the real estate market in Gloucester Township. 🎉

Price Trends 📈💰

Average Sales Price

The average sales price for homes in Gloucester Township during this period stands at $328,500. This is a crucial metric for both buyers and sellers, providing insight into the affordability and profitability of the local real estate market. 💲

Average List Price

The average list price, indicating the initial price at which properties are offered, is $323,117. This price point is a key factor for buyers to consider when searching for their dream home. 🏠

Market Performance 📊

Average Days on Market

Homes in Gloucester Township are spending an average of 25 days on the market before being sold. This is a promising sign of efficiency in the real estate market, making it an attractive prospect for sellers and buyers alike. 📆

Seller's Net Gain

On average, sellers in Gloucester Township saw a 1.6% increase in their net profit from sold homes. This indicates that sellers are often getting a better return on their investments. 💰

New Construction | Bank-Owned Properties 🏗️💼

New Construction Homes

There are currently 7 new construction homes available in the market. For those seeking modern and brand-new properties, Gloucester Township offers an exciting array of options. 🆕

Bank-Owned Properties

Interestingly, there were no bank-owned homes sold during this period. This speaks to the overall stability and confidence in the local real estate market. 💪


In conclusion, the Gloucester Township, NJ real estate market for the week of 10/16/2023-10/22/2023 is vibrant and dynamic. With a number of active listings, pending sales, and closed deals, it's evident that Gloucester Township is a happening place for real estate. The average sales and list prices, along with the quick turnaround in days on the market, make it an attractive destination for both buyers and sellers.

So, whether you're looking for your dream home, considering selling your property, or just keeping an eye on the local real estate scene, Gloucester Township has a lot to offer. Stay tuned for more exciting developments in the future!


1. Are there any upcoming real estate trends in Gloucester Township?

  • Keep an eye on the market for emerging trends. It's an ever-evolving landscape.

2. What factors contribute to the increase in the seller's average net gain?

  • Factors like demand, property condition, and location can influence this gain.

3. How can I stay updated on Gloucester Township's real estate market?

4. What types of new construction homes are available in the area?

5. Is Gloucester Township a good place to invest in real estate?

  • With its competitive market and positive trends, it's worth considering for investment.

Remember that the real estate market is ever-changing, and it's essential to stay informed and work with trusted real estate professionals for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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